Thanks to Nickelodeon and WURRLYedu, we were able to launch our pilot program in January 2022 with K-12 teachers and school leaders from around the country

The pilot ran for 6 months

with monthly self-care themes including topics like:

  • Resilience, Kindness, Curiosity and Wonder
  • The power of music, growth mindsets
  • Meaningful relationships, the art of multitasking
  • How to self regulate when being pulled into a million directions

each month
the community shared back their strategies so that we could co-create some practical solutions!

teachers also received monthly care packages as well as a digital toolkit for self care that they can utilize even when they only have a few minutes to focus on themselves! 


The purpose of the pilot was to get real time feedback from teachers as to how we could best support them, and what made the biggest difference. Here are our key findings: